Missing Persons

Our Missing Childre/ Nos enfants disparus  Canada’s national clearinghouse for missing children. First set up in 1986, it is run by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in collaboration with several other federal government departments, including customs, citizenship and immigration, and foreign affairs. The unit makes information on missing Canadian children available world-wide to other police agencies. The website is in English and French.

Child Find Canada Each year, about 60,000 Canadian children go missing, either by running away, parental abduction, or criminal activity. Child Find Canada is dedicated to locating and helping these missing children. They also offer programmes to educate parents, children, and professionals.

Missing Children Society of Canada This Calgary-based organization has lots of information on how to help children avoid going missing, as well as assisting police and parents in searching for missing children.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children An American organization dedicated to locating and helping missing children.

Hug a Tree Program A programme that teaches children how to avoid becoming lost, and what to do if it happens anyway. Similar to the “Lost in the Woods” programme. FSAR teaches both programmes.

North Shore Rescue Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, NSR responds to about 80 callouts per year. They have several vehicles, each for a different specific purpose.

San Diego County RACES Communications Vehicle This Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service’s vehicle is intended as a stand-alone emergency operations centre. Biased towards communications rather than search and rescue.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Mobile Command Post Serving the American federal government, this vehicle is obviously designed for the overall management of an event, rather than getting involved in specific activities.

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