About Us

Foothills Search and Rescue Society is a volunteer search and rescue (SAR) group based in Diamond Valley, Alberta, 40 kilometers south of Calgary. Foothills Search and Rescue (FSAR) was formed in 1993 to provide the RCMP, Calgary Police Services, Emergency Management Alberta, and other government agencies with trained and experienced members for ground search and rescue, disaster relief and civil emergencies.

Search Management representatives from the RCMP, Calgary City Police and Kananaskis Country have encouraged and guided us from the beginning and continue to act as advisors and active members of Foothills Search and Rescue (FSAR). Immediately upon our conception the Society was called to participate in searches. Since 1993 the Society has been involved in many successful searches. Extensive training continues year round and includes elaborate search simulation.

With support from local communities we expect to maintain our effectiveness in emergency situations with the acquisition and maintenance of necessary equipment, ongoing training and continued growth.

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